Cataract Surgery

Cataracts can cause the lost of clarity as well as color.  The famous painter, Rembrandt used lots of color and notably blue and green in his early works, but as he developed cataracts, he only used brown, orange, and burgundy as can be seen in the two paintings below.

In the last few years, cataract surgery has taken another giant step forward with the introduction of lens implants that provide good vision at both distance and near.  These new presbyopia correcting lenses are on the forefront of modern invention and frequently deliver the promise of eliminating the need for glasses.  There have also been advances in lens implants for the correction of astigmatism and other visual distortions.  At Southwest Virginia Eye Center we offer one of the largest selections of these modern lens implants.  Whatever your need or desire, we will discuss the options with you and try to meet or exceed your expectations.

new Rembrandtold Rembrandt