Diabetic Eye Treatment

DiabetesUnfortunately, too many people with diabetes do not seek care until their vision is already affected.  As is true of many conditions, early detection and early treatment are the key to maintaining vision with diabetes.  At Southwest Virginia Eye Center we have digital fluorescein angiography, optical coherence tomography (OCT) , and now the OCT based AngioPlex.  One of the earliest changes that occurs with diabetic eye disease is the lost of the capillaries around the center of vision and the AngioPlex can visualize this in stunning detail.  Both intravitreal injections and the argon laser are used for the accurate treatment of diabetic eye disease.  Many other eye conditions such as cataract and glaucoma are more commonly seen in people with diabetes.  The current recommendation for people diagnosed with diabetes is to have regular eye examinations on at least a yearly basis to prevent complications.