Lid Surgery

DermatoRemoval of excessive droopy upper lid skin can make a big difference in your appearance.  Many times the surgery is really not cosmetic.  If the droopy lids are obstructing your vision, your insurance may cover the operation.  Lid surgery can be complicated.  If too  much tissue is removed the result may be dry eyes and irritation, so it is always best to remove too little rather than too much.  Through many measurements we can determine what surgery is best for you to not only improve your total field of vision, but also to make your eyes look more youthful.

EctropionOther eye lid problems such as turning in (entropion) or turning out (ectropion) of the lower lid can now easily be cured through minor out patient lid tightening procedures.  These problems are deemed to be functional and are not really ever treated as cosmetic by insurance companies.  These problems can lead to a chronis foreign body feeling or soreness and tearing.