Ben FranklinPresbyopia is the name given to the condition of the aging lens that leads to the loss of range of focus.  Typically, this is a problem by age 45 and requires either bifocals of reading glasses.  Ben Franklin is credited with the invention of the bifocal eyeglasses and only now are we developing new and technologically advanced procedures to completely compensate for the loss of range of focus as a function of aging.

To remedy this, we need to not only give you excellent vision at distance, but also at near.  This usually requires replacement of the natural lens with an implant that delivers a full range of vision.  These implants are termed presbyopia correcting IOLs.

There are two main types of these IOLs, accommodating and multifocal.  The current accommodating lenses do not deliver a full range of vision so they need to be used with a modified monofocal offset.  This means one eye is better seeing at distance, and the other is better at near.  The good side of this lens is there is typically no glare and very clear and crisp vision.  The multifocals give a full range of vision, but there can be halos at night and a slight dimming of sharpness of vision as compared to a single focus IOL.  Which IOL is best for you can only be decided after your exam and a thorough discussion with Dr. Till.  There are now additional options to correct presbyopia without removing the natural lens/cataract.

Returning your vision to a more youthful function and eliminating the need for galsses for most activities is the goal for presbyopia surgery.

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