Premium Lens Implants

As technology moves forwards, we are developing and implanting various lenses to correct distortions of the eye including astigmatism and distortions after Lasik or Radial Keratotomy procedures.  Presbyopia correcting lenses give you youthful vision with a much fuller range of clear vision.  These are now routinely enjoyed by many patients.  There are two main types of these lenses, multifocal and accommodating (lens that moves within the eye).  Each has advantages and disadvantages so only after a discussion with Dr. Till can we determine the one that is best for you.  Although these lenses are the very best that mankind has to offer, they are still not as good as the ones with which you were born.

There are also lens implants that help cancel out astigmatism as well as other optical distortions such as spherical aberration.  Lenses that correct astigmatism are called toric IOLs and unlike other implants, these must be placed on a specific axis to maximize their benefit.

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