Dysfunctional Tear

dryeyehurtsDysfunctional Tear Syndrome (DTS) or Dry Eye Disease (DED) is becoming an ever increasing problem for patients and their doctors.  As we age there are numerous changes that occur causing our eyes to feel dry and sandy.  For some, this can become extreme and all consuming.  Fortunately, there are a myriad of treatment options and also many diagnostic tests now available at our facility.

Point of care tests include tear osmolarity, inflammatory marker measurement, visualization of the tear height, tear consistency, and the glands that produce the tear components.

Treatments include simple over-the-counter drops to Restasis, Xiidra, plasma fortified tears, and even Prokera which is an amniotic membrane onlay.  All of these and more are available at our facility and we use the diagnostic tests to help determine which is best for you.

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