Laser Floater Treatment

At Southwest Virginia Eye Center we now hav the latest laser from Ellex with the capability of vaporizing vitreous floaters and membranes.  Until now, this had to be treated by surgery in an operating room with increased risks for infection and cataract formation, now for the majority of floaters, a simple in-office laser procedure with minimal risks  is available.

Laser Cataract Surgery is Here!

Dr. Till has now performed the first femtosecond laser cataract surgery in the Roanoke area.  The laser makes for much more exact, controlled, and precise incisions as well as softening the cataract and performing several of the more demanding tasks associated with cataract surgery.  This is likely the next big technology movement in a long line of previous advances.  Now the operation can be performed without any sharp hand held instruments or blades.

Advanced Testing for Premium Lens Implants

We have just added a new advanced eye analyzer to help us better decide who is the best candidate for the ever increasing array of advanced technology lens implants now available.  This device is able to image the entire eye and generate numeric and photgraphic data, which can help determine if you are the right person for the lens you are thinking of having placed in your eye after cataract surgery.